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Privacy policy


By establishing contact with our Customer Service through the means available to you in the “Contact us” section of the Website, Pixartprinting S.p.A., as data Controller, will be able to use your data to reply to your report or request for information.

If you are registered with the Website, the processing will take place throughout the validity of your registration, and in any event until the end of the tax year following cancellation of the user’s registration. In the other instances, the data will be stored for the time necessary to duly manage your request and will be stored until the end of the tax year following the request for information.


We remind you that by accessing your Customer Area or by writing to, you can always access your data, amend, update or erase the data, and receive them in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and request the transfer of your data to another party. Should your rights be breached, you may moreover lodge a complaint with a Member State data protection authority such as the Garante (Italian Data Protection Authority) for your personal data protection (

You are furthermore entitled to object at any time, on grounds associated with your specific situation, to the processing of personal data that concern you.

Please refer to the full text of the privacy policy for further information.


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